About Noelle

Noelle has a very inspiring story.  On August 2, 2005, she was a bright, athletic college student home preparing to participate in a horse show in Monroe Township, NJ. It was supposed to be a typical show; however the horse she was riding refused at the jump and fell causing them both to crash to the ground.  Noelle was rendered comatose immediately. She clung to life and eventually spent four and a half months in rehabilitation, followed by a year and a half in a wheelchair.   Now, six years after her accident, Noelle is walking without assistance, driving, and enjoying life.  

Noelle also meets with students to discuss bullying, where she shares her story about how after the accident her “popular” friends abandoned her when she needed them most. Noelle is passionate about encouraging the bullied to speak to an adult, and delivers a powerful message about how ignorance breeds cruelty. Ultimately, her goal is to have every young person dedicate themselves to help change the culture in their school and lives.