Thursday, March 8, 2018

Never Turn Your Back on Hope

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout life, there will always be disappointments. We have to remain hopeful and realize that miracles happen every day. We have to never give up our dreams. We all must maintain hope. No matter what happens in our lives there is always reason to keep the hope alive. Every day is a chance for us to follow our dreams and to keep our dreams alive. Maintaining positivity is very important to who we are.  We cannot give up on our dreams. Each one of us has a story. Those of us that have had injuries are forever in pursuit of regaining our faculties. New breakthroughs are made every day and we have to be patient and realize that they are happening all around us. We have to be open to the new opportunities that are available for us. Through our various friends and loved ones we can keep researching new possibilities. We all can expect to have various times of disappointments. We can decide that those disappointments not going to run who we are. We can have different hopes every day and it is important that we never put a limit on it. We have to know that small or finite disappointments are going to occur. Hope is not something that you can overdo. It is healthy for all of us. I am so happy that I was able to advocate for myself at an alternative therapy physician’s office. I try to maintain a positive frame of mind and always am positive to stay hopeful. 

We can choose (in my opinion have to) take full responsibility for our lives and choices. We have the responsibility to maintain a positive outlook. Our days can be so much more productive as long as we are dedicated to maintaining our positive outlook. Following an injury we strive to regain our autonomy. Positive thinking is incredibly important and we must strive to conduct our lives in ways in which to do so. Always choose relationships with people who try and conduct themselves in the same way that you do. Hope is limitless. We should always try to bring about hope in our lives. We can choose to enjoy the activities of every day. We can choose to be enamored of the environment around us. Following my injury I have a far greater appreciation for the sunrise and the sunsets. So many people get too wrapped up into insignificant things and miss the true beauty that is this life. I thank you very much for reading and as always I welcome any responses that you may have.

~ Noelle