Friday, February 2, 2018

Groundhog Day Advice: Always Move Forward

"Groundhog’s day is upon us!  Another February 2 and another Superbowl is here!"

Groundhog’s day is upon us! Another February 2 and another Superbowl is here!

We need to make every day purposeful. Following an injury, it is tempting to plod through your days. It is important to make annual celebrations and to never give up on your dreams. Every day is a new chance to achieve. It is important to not allow yourself to slip into Bill Murray’s character in the movie Groundhog’s Day.

Remember that every February 2nd is the day that the whole country begins looking forward to the next season. We each have to be joyful that we are able to enjoy and prepare for the change in season. I am gathering my jersey for the Superbowl this weekend. I get excited every year for the Superbowl and for Groundhog’s Day. I recently have begun looking into further opportunities to further control my right arm. We have countless resources that are available to us by using the internet. I see many specialists and I greatly value all of their opinions. Prior to making any decision, I reach out to several of my support groups and ask who has had experience with what I am considering. I am very blessed that I work alongside numerous healthcare service providers that are more than willing to offer me educated advice regarding the method that I am considering.

After an injury, we are works in progress. We each have to decide which methods we are going to pursue. The internet provides us with an open forum on which we can communicate with others and gather insight. I am going to try and utilize all of my available resources to gain knowledge as to the most suitable step forward for me in my journey. I have gained back much of my cognition and I am always nervous about ingesting anything that may slow me down. I refuse roll over and quit trying to improve myself. Recovering from brain trauma is a lifelong journey. I believe that we should all always keep working to better ourselves. I am curious as to what types of things you are doing to further yourself along this journey. I am thankful for all that read my posts and I look forward to any responses that you may have.


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