Friday, January 19, 2018

Keep On Keepin' On

“Keep trying. Set small goals. Focus on what you need to get there. Congratulate yourself and take a break. Then keep trying.” - Lucy MacDonald

We can all see our lives pressing on. I challenge you all to take control and get in the driver’s seat of your own life. There are many different avenues that our lives can take, but none without our effort. It is time to get involved and to steer your life. Each one of us is in control of our own destinies. Much of life is ensuring that you are pleasant and that others want to be in your company. Try and be thankful for all that you have.

I try and bring it back to the basics; be thankful that you have woken up with air to breath and water to drink. Every day is a new opportunity to better find where it is that you are supposed to be in the world.

I feel that I can help to encourage patients because I have been there. I know the difference that it makes to have a new face visit you and to hear about your rehabilitation and the concerns that arise. Sometimes fresh ears are needed to pick up on the perseveration that is all too common to those with brain injuries. I know that I for one became fixated on a relationship that I had while I was in the hospital. It was only from the repetitive correcting from others that I gradually was able to correct my behavior.

I am so fortunate that I still have my parents currently in my corner as I go forward and seek where my place is in this world. Through all of my reflecting I feel that I do a good job never allowing myself to stop trying.

I am forever trying to improve myself. Life is about improving yourself. We are all given this life and what we do with it is up to us. I have had to change some of my leisure activities because my balance is not perfect. What I have learned throughout my journey is that life is not about perfection. Each one of us has our own issues that arise in our lives. Each one of us has to be strong and evaluate where we are going in our lives.

We are responsible for our own lives. We are the authors of our own story. You can never abandon your goal. I encourage and challenge everyone to decipher his/her own goals. I try and distract myself with games and activities to keep myself in the correct frame of mind. We have to find things that help to encourage us as we go along our path. I greatly enjoy conversation so I love to get out to meet new people. I have been expanding my horizons and opened myself up to meeting new people. There are interesting people from all walks of life. Everyone has a story to share if you are inquisitive enough to inquire. I would love to hear how you meet new people. Thank you very much for reading.

~ Noelle

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