Friday, December 15, 2017

Practice Awareness

"You're the only kind of knowledge they don't teach at any college. You're an education in yourself."    - Harry Warren

We have to know that we need to truly get to know ourselves. It is far more important when unforeseen circumstances play out. After an injury we have to do some soul searching to know who we are. We have a lifelong venture to get to know who we are. I love philosophy and I feel that everyone can make efforts to get to know who they are. Going through trying circumstances allow our true being to become visible. We have a lifetime to get to know who we are. Every action that we take has a direct effect on who we are. We each come into contact with other different people and nobody knows how many people’s lives they can effect. This holiday season take notice to how many people you interact with. Try and improve the day of at least one person every day. You yourself will feel better. The holidays are a special time to get together with loved ones from near and far. We have to try and know ourselves so that we can learn what makes us happy. Each one of us has so many aspects to what makes us tick. Life is about finding ways to make ourselves happy in the wake of the hustle and bustle that surrounds us.

We have to remember to take a moment for ourselves and maybe engage in yoga or meditation to get in touch with our inner being. Reflect upon what makes us happy and how we can share that with others. This is a special time of year and it is a time to celebrate with the people that bring us joy. Never forget to be joyful that you get to celebrate holidays and that you are living. The gift of life is one that we have to always remember. It comes before anything. Try to be joyful to have life this holiday season. Remember to take time for yourself. Nobody is as important as you are. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can bring joy to others. I just made my flight arrangements to fly down to Florida in January. I will take another winter trip with my family. I will fly down myself and I am very proud of myself that I have proven to myself that I am capable of flying alone. I was extremely apprehensive at first but now that I have done it I know that I will be fine. What yearly traditions do you have planned for this winter? We have had our first snowfalls and I am not exactly a fan as my balance combined with snow and ice makes it difficult for sure. I would love to hear any thoughts that you may have and I thank you very much for reading.


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