Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Own Your Dreams

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone.” 
- Billy Cox

I recently snapped a picture of my dog truly living in his comfort zone. We have to want more for our lives then a lazy dog.

There is a time and a place to let yourself relax, but there is also a time to be motivated and to go forward with your life. 

After enduring a life altering injury you have to want. Every one of us has a great desire that we must tap into. I feel that I rest so much more peacefully when I have gone forward with my life and am proud of where I am going. My dog seems to not have a care in the world. We need to know that we are not dogs and we must always be pushing towards the next best thing. We are all capable of extraordinary things and we must never doubt ourselves. I try to never allow myself to go with the motions.

This is our life and we have to keep working towards making it enjoyable. Dogs are the best but we have to realize that their life is all about peace and relaxation. I think that I achieve the most peace when I feel that I am living in a productive manner. My largest dream post brain injury is to live as a productive and meaningful member of society. After sustaining a devastating injury I think that we all seek true peace. Injuries can be physical, emotional or spiritual they all leave us searching for what our purpose is. The holidays are coming and I am going to continue searching for meaning in all that I do. I would love to hear how you have found meaning in your lives.

I am searching for peace, a peace that will allow us to proceed forward while feeling okay. I hope that my pursuit of my dreams will allow me to find peace. I know that this will be a lifelong pursuit. Peace and family love are two very special aspects of the holidays. I hope that we all are surrounded by love and care. We have to desire more for ourselves then our comfort zone. We cannot allow ourselves to be lax and to abandon our desire for more.

We all have to want more for ourselves. I love interacting with every person that I meet and learning about what makes him or her unique. Every one of us is unique and we all have our own special gifts that we can share with the world. I think that each one of us should share our story and take pride in how far we have come. Every person has his or her own story about what makes them up.

There is a special bond amongst the brain injury community and I feel that each one of us is capable of incredible things. I would love to hear any thoughts that you may have.


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