Monday, November 6, 2017

The Infinite Pursuit

“Sometimes you make the right decision; sometimes you make the decision right.”
- Phil McGraw

I went out of my comfort zone and I went to a meetup group on Saturday. You never know the different people that you are going to meet.

My recovery has been fantastic but the capstone is certainly my right arm. Randomly at this get together I met an occupational therapist who offered advice and was encouraging me to do different activities where my right arm was utilized. At this get together there were people of different ages and people from different walks of life.

I made a conscious decision to enjoy the environment and the people in attendance. I went to the event of the mindset that I would ensure that I would enjoy myself. I am sure that I met some new friends and now my database of people to do things with has expanded. No matter who attended the get together I know that I would have made it enjoyable.

I was of the mindset that no matter who was in attendance, I was going to ensure that I made the correct decision. You can learn about life by making decisions and witnessing how they play out. I had confidence and I would encourage all to try and gather their confidence and try something out of the ordinary.

Who would have thought that I would have met an occupational therapist who would encourage me on her day off? I am going to keep challenging myself and do things where my right arm is involved to see if I can gain more strength back in it. I would love to hear what you enjoy doing on the weekends to take up your leisure time. What are you doing to further your recovery? I try to put my memory to use in as many ways as possible. I try and remember phone numbers as often as possible. Life is about effort. Each one of us has the ability to work as hard as possible to keep looking for improvement. This is our life and only we are responsible for what comes of it. I encourage you to keep pushing and to dream big. Each one of us has the ability to want more.

When it comes to our recovery you always have to want more. I am never okay with where I am; I feel that I could always be further along. I think that we can all improve things about ourselves. People do better when we are in the pursuit of something. I encourage all survivors to be in a forever pursuit to continue improving. Get the mindset correct and keep trying to improve yourself. I would love to hear your thoughts and I thank you very much for reading.

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