Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween: A Night for Family, Friends and Fun

"I love the spirit of Halloween and the energy that comes with it.
- Katherine McPhee

Another Halloween has come. It can all be in good fun as long as you realize and appreciate the day for what it is. It is a good night to get together with friends and dress up in a goofy costume.

Every year I try and appreciate Halloween for the energy of people being together. I was a cowgirl one night of the weekend and I was a “pink lady” the other night of the weekend. A person needs to realize that it can be a fun filled day of laughs and enjoyment. It is my hope that everybody can appreciate the day for what it is.

I greatly enjoy looking at the children as they come trick or treating in their costumes. It is a day where people can step out of their comfort zones and put a silly costume on.

Katherine McPhee looks at the day in a way which we should all try to. The day should be a fun filled occasion.

When I was younger the day was about trying to look glamorous, as I have gotten older I have decided to add humor to the day and not try and look particularly glamorous. I am excited to see all of the kids who will go trick or treating in my neighborhood.

I went to two Halloween parties that featured bands. I have found that music is incredibly enjoyable for me and I try to surround myself with it as often as possible. It is my hope that everybody had a great time and all enjoyed dressing up for the occasion. I would love to hear what everyone was for Halloween.

When I was a “pink lady” there were several other ladies who were dressed up to be “pink ladies” as well. Halloween is about enjoying the people that are with you. Everyone needs to make an effort to get together with people and have a good time. Life is a about making times enjoyable. We are all responsible for our own happiness. We have to make a conscious effort to make our time enjoyable.

I will include a picture from this weekend from a Halloween party that I was at. It is my hope that everyone will get out to enjoy the festivities and the fun of Halloween.

I hope that you will get to see the children dressed up in costumes it is always a wonderful tradition.

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