Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jumping Brook Gala: A Family Tradition

I recently attended a gala at the Jumping Brook Country Club. I was able to put on a dress and try and forget about any difficulties that I am going through. I snapped a selfie at my house before I left for the event and will include it with my post.

This is a yearly event that I attend every year with my father. Life passes by much easier when there are things to look forward to. I suggest that anyone who is going through a trying time tries his or her best to get out and attend events with family and friends. This event has become a yearly tradition for us and I look forward to seeing my friends that are always in attendance. It is always fantastic to spend time with my father. I do have some body image insecurity but it helps me to put my thoughts aside and put on a dress for an evening I am trying to be incredibly honest about the difficulties that I go through following my brain injury. Still go to the gym pretty constantly but I am not as able bodied as I was prior to the accident. While I was formally an avid runner, now I do the elliptical to burn calories.

I am sure that I am not alone and that there are many individuals who struggle with body image. Following a brain injury where you are nowhere near as mobile adds a new set of dynamics to the equation. It is my hope that survivors who are living with the same body image issues as I know that they are not alone. By surrounding myself with loved ones and those that support me is extremely important. My family and close friends know how much I struggle with my body image.

I know that there are definitely other survivors that struggle because I know that the world is a huge place and that the brain injury survivor world while much smaller is vast as well. It is my hope that people do not feel that they are alone.

I welcome any thoughts comments or questions that you may have.

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