Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't Let Your Past Define You

“Make a pact with yourself to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it.” 
- Steve Mirabelli

All of us who have sustained an injury need to realize that we are more than our injuries. Rehab is extensive and a great deal of hard work. The most difficult thing to explain to someone is that all of his/her hard work will have incredible benefits. The truest benefit is who you become after going through the rehab. There is an extensive amount of work to be done and you truly can see a glimpse of who you are by the incredible effort that you put forth. Moving forward in life you should always have confidence. No matter what life throws at you always know that you can handle it. Things may not always be easy but we are able to compare it to our history and realize that nothing will ever be as difficult as what we have endured. Allow yourself to become who you are going to become while knowing that you are capable of incredible things. You have to know internally. Ups and downs always will always occur and we have to know who we are and that we can accomplish incredible things. I can speak only for myself that for a long time I allowed myself to only be defined by my past. As the years have progressed I am trying desperately to make my life aside from my accident. It is not something that I will ever forget but hopefully I can move forward with it in the background and not so much the forefront. I choose to allow the positive aspects of this recovery to increase my state of mind. Day after day I am sure to remember what I have survived through. I am trying to not be defined by this injury; rather I will attempt to always move forward with this as a positive aspect of who I am. This week I visited one of our retirement homes and the residents had not heard of my story. I choose to revisit my past for an occasion when it would be applicable to inspire others. My position is unique because my injury is forefront at many of our facilities. As long as I have made an internal agreement with myself to not allow it to define who I am in entirety. Every day is a work in progress and I am trying to get myself to define myself by what goes into makeup who I am.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Friends

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have!”
- Sarah Jessica Parker

In the summertime especially I truly cherish the time that I have with true friends. After a brain injury many of us have lost many friends but the ones that endure are truly excellent characters for us to associate with. What is surprising is that my truest friends are people that I became close with when I was a child and was very into riding horses. Even though I no longer ride horses, they have stuck by me and have been supportive of me in my current ventures. My best friend has stuck by me throughout the many ups and downs that I have had with this injury. Depending upon where I am in my Botox schedule I sometimes shake more apparently than others. I do not walk perfectly and I need assistance when it comes to cutting my food. I have three great friends that I am never embarrassed to ask for help. They will assist me with anything that I need help with. I would love to hear who else has seen their friends really rise to the occasion and assist them in whatever life throws their way. I accompanied my best friend to the beach yesterday and we had a wonderful day. She has been by my side quite often recently because I am alone for right now as my family is in Disney World with my brother and his family. I did not go with them down to Florida because I do not love the extreme heat of Florida in the summer. They went now because my niece and nephew are out of school. My best friend works in a school system so she is off right now as well. She and I go to the beach and go to see bands at night. It has really made my time alone much more tolerable. I would love to hear who has seen their true friends come to the forefront after a trying life situation has occurred. I know of many people who have gone through a divorce and subsequently really had to reevaluate who their friends were. I have been friends with my best friend since childhood and I am sure that I will be by her side no matter what life throws at her. I have seen how she has been so supportive of me throughout a few difficulties that I have had in life already. I hope that you are all graced with at least one true friend who would do anything for you regardless of any difficulties that you may have gone through. Life is not easy and we will all go through difficult situations throughout our lives.