Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If Something Stands Between You and Your Success...

“If something stands between you and your success, move it.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

If a person is in the correct state of mind, inspiring occurrences are all around us. A safe haven for me and many other survivors that I am in contact with is the gym. I do all that I can to ensure that my body remains healthy. Certain things have happened that are out of my control but there are plenty more things that are in my control. I am sure that I avoid toxins and bad food in my daily nutrition. Following a brain injury it seems that many things are out of our control, we must remain in control of what we can control. I am certain that I have made my decision part of my life at this point. I consistently try and improve my balance and my state of mind. Both of these things can be worked on at the gym. I am proud to say that the overwhelming sentiment that I have absorbed from survivors who I am in contact with is much of the same. That being said, I am relatively certain that most survivors that I am in contact with are proactive in their approach to their recoveries. Family members of injured individuals who do not look to improve themselves I am sure can be frustrated. The key is to try and remain encouraging without allowing his/her frustration to take over. Many things can come between you and your success. It is important to remember that we are always in control of what we do. We are in control of our daily activities and we have the capability of not giving up. When I saw this sign at the gym I was immediately moved by it and I thought of the many individuals who are in recovery. We all view things differently based on our own life’s experiences. I am positive that my view of life is far different from most of the other people in the gym who see that sign. It is a good reminder that you never know the eyes that people are looking at the world with. We can never know everyone’s story. It is important to not be callus in regards to others. I try and take inspiration from every avenue possible. It is important to remember that everyone has a different story and everyone brings different experiences to the table. Inspirational sayings are excellent for all people but they are certainly even more so for someone who has endured an injury. I would love to hear how you feel in relation to inspirational sayings and how you feel that they might affect somebody who has endured an injury differently.


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