Thursday, December 8, 2016

Performance, Perseverance and Persistence

"Performance, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and possibilities: it is this that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak." Thomas Carlyle

An individual who has survived any sort of a hardship or vice has to always remember that life is not easy and often people are faced with hardships which allow them to differentiate themselves from the mass population. An injury is a prime example where there are a vast number of possible outcomes. An individual has to not allow his/her morals to get lazy or their desire to get lax. An individual must always search for their place in life. I hesitate at saying this because their place is always changing and evolving as the world is not steady. The world is a forever changing place. A person should never allow his/her self to not feel challenged by the opportunity at hand. There is forever room for improvement. Everyone will experience hardships and disappointments along their path of life. These difficulties and hardships are not destinations or final in nature the key is to never stop searching for a place of comfort and desire. There is always a chance for a person to achieve more. Opportunities exist for those who are willing to put forth an effort to find them. An individual who has endured a brain injury will have many opportunities to exhibit strength. In my opinion all who have endured a brain injury have had many an opportunity to exhibit strength. Depending on the person there are bountiful opportunities to always put your best foot forward and to try harder. A drastic injury such as a brain injury will always present numerous opportunities to always put forth a bit more effort. Perhaps the opportunities for betterment will be a bit different than was originally anticipated; but they are plentiful opportunities none the less. I have found that there is much more meaning in the work that I do now following my injury. I am able to give insight to new survivors and their families. You always have to try and aid the next person to follow in your footsteps. The holidays are upon us and the work that I do deeply represents the importance of the holidays. People are put on this earth to care for one another and to help each other proceed through life. This time of love and family exudes onto my other family that I work to help and make their path easier as they proceed forward on their recovery process. I consider all others who have endured a brain injury or a life altering injury as my extended family. We were all put on this earth to help one another. I thank you very much for reading and as always I encourage any responses or comments that you may have.


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