Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Seek to Inspire

“Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death, but to inspire yourself to life.” Adele Brookman

This Halloween I encourage all to try and stay in the moment. All too often we allow ourselves to get consumed with our anxieties of looking too far ahead. Very often I find myself tempted to worry about the future. Halloween has arrived and I am trying to focus upon what is important and necessary. This day of festivities is about the children more than anything else. The children put on costumes and they try and frighten each other and go out amongst the neighborhood and ask for candy. The holiday can be about joy and it needs to be about enjoyment more than anything else. There is always a bit of a draw to look deep into our own issues and overanalyze too deeply into insignificant holiday occurrences. Like everything else I have found that I am getting better with practice. I now thoroughly enjoy going to watch my nephew and goddaughter go to play their weekly soccer games. I get enjoyment out of watching them enjoy the games. This enjoyment came with time for I had difficulty separating myself away from the field at first. It was quite an effort at first to not allow myself to compare the children’s enjoyment to my current physical stature. It took some effort but I now realize that the enjoyment of the children is what comes first at this point in my life. Even though I do not have children of my own, my brother’s children are who are closest to me and they are the children who I identify with the most at this point in my life. I adore my brother’s children and I have witnessed myself improve as I have grown into being a better aunt. This Halloween my brother’s kids will go out with their cousins in a quiet neighborhood. My neighborhood has many children but they are not the cousins of my niece and nephew. I am sure that there will be many masks of both of the presidential candidates as this is an election year. It should be rather humorous to see the various costumes. I always love the dog costumes that people sometimes do alongside their costumes. I challenge everyone to have a joyous Halloween and to use the holiday as a further opportunity to inspire yourself. Everyone has the right to celebrate the various different holidays for what they are. Inspiration can be found in many different ways I challenge you to always look through a lens that will absorb all of the inspiration that life has to offer. I would love to know what everyone is being for Halloween. I hope that you enjoy your day and I welcome any responses that you may have. I thank you very much for reading.


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