Wednesday, October 26, 2016

George Burnham

“I can’t do it, never accomplished anything; I will try has accomplished wonders” George P. Burnham

An individual going through a traumatic life event has to know that there are always at least two resolutions to every problem. At the very least a person can make the decision to exert effort and try for something more or a person can choose to throw in the towel and allow status quo to remain. A survivor of any sort of an injury needs to realize the power that he/she has on their complete self. The entirety of a being is made up of many different parts. Each aspect of a person has equal importance. While it is incredibly important to be motivated to push forward a person needs to realize where they were able to draw up the motivation from. In my experience people can draw upon the motivation that they exude to others by example. In my situation I am driven to continue doing what I am doing based on the feedback that I hear back from patients and families. Life is certainly not easy and the recovery from a traumatic injury is certainly not easy. An individual has to make an internal pact never to give up. There is no limit on how much effort a person can put forth. People need to know his/her self and what motivates them. I always encourage patients to encourage their peers because I realize that the most credible individuals are those that have had experience with going through a vice of their own.

Every person is able to help somebody along the way. We should all strive to encourage one another to never give up. Humans are social creatures and we all greatly benefit from encouragement from one another. I think that strength comes in much part from encouragement. Self-motivation is certainly instrumental and nothing can be achieved without that; yet when people are unsure as to where to focus their energies, advice from someone who has already walked your path is invaluable. I encourage every patient who I interact with to do their diligence and attempt to make connections with others who are taking part in the same recovery as they are. Whenever someone begins a venture to regain his/her life they need support and comradery in order to maintain their motivation to keep moving forward. Whenever somebody is recovering he/she cannot be left strictly to their own devices in my opinion. There is always room for encouragement and improvement. A person needs to have a state of mind that realizes how utterly useless it is to give up. A person has achieved many a great things by attempting a feat. Even if they are not quite capable of attaining the goal at hand they have at least laid a solid groundwork for the path ahead. I thank you very much for reading and would encourage any responses that you may have.


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