Friday, October 7, 2016

Bethany Hamilton

Recently I became aware that one of the most inspirational athletes that I have ever become aware of is traveling to my area to give a speech. Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark doing what she loves to do more than anything. She has always been an avid surfer and surfing was not only a way of life for her but also her family. The culture of Bethany Hamilton’s life was never to give up. After she was attacked by the shark I am sure that she needed to reflect upon this constantly. I will attend her speaking segment with my family so as I can hopefully absorb some greater inspiration as I am hoping to tackle the challenges in my life. People are by far the greatest influencers I feel. What I have come to learn is that life is all about challenges and how you tackle them. An individual such as Bethany Hamilton is incredibly inspirational to me. She did not let any physical disabilities get in her way. Despite getting mauled by the shark Bethany was has still been able to maintain a champion. Champions are all around us but they need to be acknowledged. Since sustaining my injury I am much better able to acknowledge and celebrate individuals who have gone through difficulties in life. Survivors now stand out to me as heroic because I know how tempting it is to give up. I have often reflected upon who she is and what she has been able to accomplish despite her disability. Bethany has often said that she is in a far better situation to affect a great many numbers of people since she has sustained her injury. She instantaneously was transformed into a hero for all people overcoming disabilities. I will certainly attend her speech with bells on because I feel that any inspiration that I can gain off of her would be inspirational to my being. I am incredibly excited to see Bethany in person. She has served as a role model for me for sure. I do not have the same celebrity status as Bethany Hamilton but I still know that I help to inspire and show survivors the way to building a better and more enthusiastic life for his/her self. I am absolutely enamored of Bethany Hamilton and I know what it is to have your world turned upside down by an attained disability. I identify with Bethany because she was not born with her disability. Her disability occurred in the wake of an unfortunate accident. She has maintained her faith in spite of her attained disability. Bethany has depended on her faith in God to get her through. Whenever I am having a hard day I reflect upon Bethany and remember just how much she has had to overcome. I would love to hear any reflections that you may have and I thank you for reading.


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