Friday, July 29, 2016

Life is like a Tree and its Root is Consciousness

"Life is like a tree and its root is consciousness. Therefore, once we tend the root the tree as a whole will be healthy." -Deepak Chopra

The mind body connection is incredibly important in every function of life. Stress is a primary cause of every disease. When a person undergoes stress they are unable to put their primary focus towards being healthy. Every one of us has witnessed an occasion where a stressful life experience preempted an illness or disease process. Every person should try to study and groom his/her self psychologically in order to best prepare against illness. A person can easily be compared to a tree in relation to this manner. The primary ingredients to wellness are that of a healthy mind, body and soul. Each segment of wellness overlaps each other and the most pivotal component is that of the mind. There are many cases where a supreme athlete has allowed him/herself to become extremely stressed and therefor to get extremely ill. No matter how healthy an individual appears, they are only as healthy as his/her psyche allows. A person must never lose sight of this fact. A tree cannot grow or flourish if its roots are damaged or diseased. No matter how healthy a person appears to be; true health has a great deal to do with the mind. A person cannot attain a high standard of wellness if he/she has not given ample consideration to his/her conscious. The many different aspects of life are like branches and the ability of them to flourish and become robust is in direct relation to the original root structure. A sound root structure allows the tree to absorb water and minerals. A person of a sound state of mind can absorb the helpful criticisms of a therapist or doctor as he/she ventures on the path towards recovery/wellness. Communication is extremely important for those that pushing forward to attain a goal. There is a great deal of encouragement to be obtained from others who have ventured through on a similar path. I am very interested to hear any responses that you may have and I thank you very much for reading.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Following Your Inner Self

"You can learn to follow the inner self, the inner physician that tells you where to go. Healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain." -O. Carl Simonton

Much of daily living is governed by choices. While a physician give much needed advice, a person should be encouraged to manage his/her own wellness. Stress and anxiety should be avoided at all costs. I myself take proactive measures to ensure that my anxiety/depression do not get away from me. I have found that I function far better by working out every day and making sure that I eat healthily. I have been fortunate in that I am invited to work alongside some fantastic physicians who truly understand how much the human spirit can and will delegate the recovery process. After an injury like the one I sustained the recovery process is ongoing in nature. There are certainly many things that will always present a challenge to me. The migraines and the anxiety/depression will forever be a challenge to my being. I have found that by eating a certain way and by engaging in physical activities I am able far better able to manage the symptoms that I have a tendency to present. Proactivity is a huge portion of healthcare. Doctors give treatment recommendations upon discharge. I found that as a patient you need to go above and beyond to attain the level of recovery that is desired. As I had always been an athlete, I was used to always doing more than was typically expected. Everything in this life has a purpose and I am convinced that my athletic nature allowed me to recover to the extent that I have. I would love to hear any responses and or thoughts that you may have. I thank you very much for reading.