Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Groundhog's Day

Another Groundhog’s Day is upon us and thus another anticipatory moment of the future. Groundhog’s day comes every Feb 2 and people have come to expect its arrival as a sign that spring is on its way.  While the Groundhog has not been proven as correct in many instances; people still look forward to Groundhog’s day as a sign that spring is inevitably coming. Typically February is a month where people begin to consider how long the duration of the winter will be. While this winter has been mild for the most part we do have some snow on the ground from the last storm that we had. This being the case has had many people considering if there will be an extended duration of winter or an early spring. I typically do not place much credibility on the famed groundhog; I rather look at it as a sign of another spring inevitably coming. Every season has its own anticipatory elements and spring I am positive is no different. I am already getting excited watching as the days are beginning to get longer. The sunsets are beautiful right now as the air is still crisp and clean. There is often the smell of fires in the distance while a clear and clean sunset can be witnessed. These are the beautiful moments of this time of year.

I know that late January through March are not typically thought of as pleasant in regards to the weather, but I have been able to walk outside and enjoy the lovely scenery several times over the last few weeks. Hopefully I will continue to get opportunities to walk outside and enjoy the scenery. Regardless of how the Groundhog feels in regards to his shadow I will continue to do my best to enjoy this temperate weather. I would love to hear who else has experienced a new appreciation for nature and beauty following a traumatic event.

The Super bowl is coming and another time to get together and celebrate is about to be upon us. Celebration times are different now for me following my injury. My celebration times are about friends and family at this point. I think that in addition to getting injured I have matured a great deal since my college days (prior to getting hurt). I would love to hear from anyone who has witnessed their social lives taking on a different form as they get more advanced in years.


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