Monday, January 11, 2016

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous New Year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - a Sower of Dreams - just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach helps to solidify the importance of self-awareness in motivation. A person must realize the effect that they can have on others. A connection that I have made in one of our hospitals sustained a secondary illness. The patient has a tight knit network of loving family. A relative made a phone call to my office and requested that I come to support the family during this trying time. Sometimes we don’t realize the affect that we can have towards others. In this New Year I am attempting to take a leap of faith and go forward with a sense of confidence as I am able to comfort those who I come into contact with. Belief is an amazing thing for people. Belief, security and confidence are three things that can help a person to be secure in what they are destined to do. I wish that I had never sustained the injury that I did; seeing as how I did I am not sure that I could be doing more of a meaningful purpose for loved ones who have witnessed a loved one go through a devastating injury. I am proud that I can assist to bridge the gap between loved ones and understanding. I am going to Florida for vacation next week and I will fly myself again. I can recall the incredible nerves that I had before I took my first flight myself last year. It all worked out and while I am still not thrilled regarding flying myself I am sure that I will be fine as I was last time. I have to continue believing that I will be okay in both my professional life and my personal life. I am doing all that I can to become as versed as possible in my knowledge of traumatic brain injuries. My hope is that I can bring inspiration and hope to every family that I visit with. Patients also who are going through a trying time I am hopeful that I can offer encouragement. I share with them some of my insecurities and share that I get nervous about things as well. By sharing any of my uncertainties I have heard that people feel comforted and that they are not alone. I thank you very much for reading and I hope that you enjoy your week! As always I welcome any comments that you may have.


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