Monday, December 7, 2015

Ma Jian Road Ahead

“Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”  Ma Jian

Every survivor of any sort of trying life event carries with them an extensive paper trail of what they have been through. Every experience that each one of us goes through helps to shape us into the person who we are today. Experience is invaluable in the lessons that it treats us. We each have to be open to the new and changing path that we may come across. A survivor has to be open to the new and changing path that may be ahead. The open communication amongst survivors who are at differing paths as to where we are going is what makes us far better able to tackle the issues that may lie ahead. Nobody knows what will lie ahead but the best way to have a clue is to research and study the paths of those who have traveled down a similar path at one point in his/her life. Other survivors can be incredibly motivating and inspirational. Often times seeing how they have been able to progress and face the new and foreign challenges that life throws at them can help to put a fellow survivor’s mind at ease. The many survivors that I meet with always seem to be inspired by my real life experience that I have had with my injury. Inevitably I am always told how unfair it seems that my injury occurred at such a young age. I know others who are younger than me who have also had devastating and life altering injuries. Tragedies and injuries do not discriminate they may happen to any person at any point in time.  Hopefully I can aid every survivor who I visit in the hospitals. My story I know helps them to realize that sometimes accidents happen to younger and unsuspecting people as well. Humans are social animals and communication can always help to make a person feel better understood as they venture forward on their recovery path.  I wonder who else has had experience with an inspirational entity; who he/she was and how they impacted the patient. As the weather begins to get colder it is important to always have a warm and open heart. I will never give up trying to help people who have sustained injuries or their families help to better understand that indeed life does go on. I welcome any thoughts that you may have and I thank you so much for reading.


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