Friday, November 13, 2015

The purpose of life

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Recently I decided to take part in an activity which has not ever been typical for me. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and to go fishing. Fishing was certainly a challenge for me because my right arm is not very functional. I decided to not allow myself to be held back by my disability. It was a beautiful day and the people on the boat were awesome to me. The mates who assisted me seemed to be beyond willing. Once I came to the decision that I was going to take part in the unseasonably warm and beautiful November fishing trip it seemed as though the people on the boat were beyond willing to help me. The environment was beyond beautiful and I felt joy unlike the typical. It was a true experience of me living in the moment. The experience was so much more than catching a fish, I was able to assist in reeling the fish in and I was one hundred percent able to absorb the beautiful sun rays and feel the joy of holding the fish up for a picture after I had caught it. I became sort of the boats mascot because it seemed as though many people began to take notice of the number of fish that my assister and I caught. I say that I caught because the mate made me feel as though it was all my doing. I had a few moments of reservations before I decided to venture out on a fishing boat. I was certainly happy that I decided to go. I have to engage in self-talk many times when I am considering doing an activity that is out of my comfort zone. I am happy to report that I had an excellent time and that I was thrilled that I had decided to go on the fishing trip. I am really very fortunate that I have the support that I do. My mother was beyond excited to have me out fishing with her. I was thrilled that she encouraged me to experience the activity and to live and enjoy the moment. A November day does not come along too frequently that was as warm and lovely as the one that I experienced. I was out on the beautiful water on an incredible day. Fishing for me was an experience that I have never done since my injury. I am sure that I will go fishing again when the opportunity presents itself. I have to try and not allow my reservations and fears to take away the experience of attempting new experiences. I was able to experience the beautiful day and the beautiful experience. Eleanor Roosevelt I feel would have been proud of my decision to decide to do something different and go fishing. I was able to cast off any barriers that I had built up in my mind and truly live for the moment and allow myself to experience the pleasure of a new and different experience. I would love to hear any reflections that you may have. Thank you so much for reading.


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