Monday, November 9, 2015

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding not to stay

“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding that you are not willing to stay where you are.”

A person needs to satiate and focus upon what they desire. The only true constant in life is change. Individuals have to stop resisting changes and rather embrace them. Changes are natural and they should not be feared. The difficulty comes when people fear change. A person has to decide that it is more fearful to stay where you are then to brave the uncertainty of something new. Life in the years well after a brain injury absolutely presents its own unique challenges. Resistance to change has become a great hurdle for me and many other survivors who I am in contact with. I believe that there has to be times when people are willing to accept the fact that certainty is never given, have faith and venture forward. I would love to hear from whoever else has made a difficult choice for them following a life altering event or injury. I think that honesty is truly the best policy when it comes to disclosing things about your injury. I am a huge advocate of promoting open communication amongst survivors. There are unique challenges that are only faced by people who have withstood a TBI. I am a member of many online support groups and I am familiar with the dialogue and concerns that are the topics of conversation amongst survivors and support networks. I think that the greatest teachers are those who have lived through a brain injury and continue to live it. I often bring up for discussion what changes individuals have elected to make following an injury. I like to hear the difficulties and factors that played in to whichever decision was settled upon. I think that much can be learned by comparing and contrasting the way others have made decisions following a brain injury. Decisions and change are always difficult but the brain injury certainly adds a wrench to the mix. Several survivors I have grown incredibly close with and we communicate as true friends who understand each other. Survivors of a brain injury are unique in that there are certain aspects that only they can truly relate to others because they have lived it. I am curious to hear any responses or reflections that you may have. Change is very difficult for all people yet sometimes there is a great reward to challenging the new and unknown aspects of unchartered waters. As survivors we can serve to assist and aid each other.


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