Friday, November 20, 2015

Ben Utecht advocacy

The concussion crisis has changed the face of sports as we know it and it has brought to surface the incredible importance of our brain health. The time is now for us to make our brain the number one priority so that education and awareness can take effect, and begin to change the way we approach the health of our athletes from youth to professionals. Ben Utecht (former Colts and Bengals tight end)

Ben Utecht has become my favorite ex-football player. He has done a tremendous amount for the head injured community. He has taken a stand against that which he feels is a growing epidemic amongst young people. He is known to have suffered five concussions and he began experiencing notable memory loss by the age of thirty. I was not aware of him or his advocacy until I a friend posted regarding a charitable event at which he was featured. Social media has made an incredible influence on the ability of certain communities to unite. Ben Utecht has made it his mission to write music and provide inspiration to all but specifically those that have endured head trauma. Ben has decided to use his second career (singer) to reach people on many different levels. He has become known for writing inspirational music that he uses to reach many people. While he has a special interest in contacting the head injured population, Ben Utecht has an appeal to all people. I for one have a special place in my heart for Ben Utecht. I am hugely in favor of people using their fame to accomplish something larger. Ben Utecht has not danced around the fact that his brain has been damaged. He is using his fame to do his part in helping to change the culture for those in the brain injured community. He performs and speaks at many events for the betterment of the Brain Injured population. I think it is excellent the fact that he has decided to pursue a second career and that he continually makes an effort to be supportive of those who have endured brain injuries. I see him in a similar light as Bethany Hamilton. While Ben was not physically deformed he has endured numerous cognitive insults which he has been very vocal about in regards to. He has written songs to his children and his wife to ensure that they and always will be his number one girls no matter what memories he may or may not retain.


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