Friday, October 23, 2015

The temporality of failure

“Sometimes just reminding yourself of the temporality of failure enables you to forge ahead.” Jayson Demers

Jayson Demers encourages people to not be disheartened or put off by failure. Failure is natural and it is not all encompassing. Everyone will be touched by failure. Achievers set themselves apart by not allowing themselves to be entirely disheartened by momentary failure. It is crucial to always remind yourself of the temporary nature of a disappointment and an unsuccessful attempt. People need to always practice self-talk and not allow them to be defeated by a momentary set back. There will always be minor failures just as there will always be minor achievements. Sometimes people do not allow themselves to celebrate that which they achieve daily. Waking in the morning, bathing and getting dressed for the day is quite an achievement for many people. Often times people take for granted the achievements that we have a tendency to not think about.

Reminding yourself of the awesome accomplishments that we achieve each day is incredibly important to maintain your enthusiasm and maintain the forward momentum that allows us to continue onward each and every day. I have found that by volunteering with children you can help to ensure that you always keep a sense of what is truly important in life. Any minute failures in life can seemingly be diminished to the point of none importance by surrounding yourself with the goodness of children. Many times when I have found myself getting out of balance with what is important in life I have always re-centered myself by surrounding myself with children or animals. Any failure is indeed temporary. It is extremely important to maintain concept of that fact.

A person always needs to maintain forward momentum; especially when proceeding forward after a brain injury. There will certainly be many unsuccessful attempts but an individual has to not consider them final in nature. I am familiar with many brain injury survivors and I know that many if not all of them have had minor disappointments along the way. Therapists and family members have helped them to voice their thoughts and emotions and move even in the face of failure. Failure is not final rather it is a portion of life. There will always be setbacks, but a person has to not be disheartened by them. I would love to read any thoughts that you may have and I thank you for reading.


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