Monday, August 10, 2015

Your capacity to learn is a gift

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”  Brian Herbert

Brian Herbert encourages us to want to expand our trough of knowledge if at all possible. There is so much that is available to be learned in regards to a brain injury. Many strides are being made and people who have the capacity to learn should always try and expand their knowledge base. As he has stated, the capacity to learn is a gift and I choose to utilize my gift by choosing to learn as much as possible. I attend seminars frequently to learn what is at the forefront of brain injury recovery. I think that knowledge is the key and that everyone should choose to be as well versed as possible in his/her life. Injured or not there are many facets that an individual can decide to focus on. I am a huge advocate for mentorship and I believe that people who have experience in any outlet of life hold the key as to what is important.

When I was in school there was a phenomenal mentorship program that I was able to utilize. I learned the value of learning from people who have experience. I choose to absorb as much information as possible from the mentors. Next week I will attend a seminar where there will be an informational lecture regarding proactive brain injury recovery. I am choosing to attend this seminar to absorb as much information as I can in regards to the knowledge of brain injury research. I have become friendly with many families where there is an injured member of their nucleus. The common trait among them is that there is always a desire to learn more in regards to cutting edge brain injury recovery. I would love to hear from any survivors or family members who have attended seminars in relation to brain injury. We can all learn from each other. The largest piece of advice that a survivor can give is how he/she was able to stay busy and remain engaged. A sound mind is an engaged mind. I will always do my part to learn more in regards to my injury and what is being attempted as the newest ventures in brain injury recovery.  I will report as to what I learn at the seminar and I thank you very much for reading.



  1. You are a very gifted healer and God has you here for a reason. You were saved from a horrendous traumatic brain injury and survived. You've been given a peak beyond the Veil, to a place we all will go to at the end of life. You are among the chosen who have crossed and came back. But you came back for a reason, and that is to heal those that have been through such life altering experiences and show them the Miracle that You, "Noelle" are, and it is not the end.
    The majority of people never survive what you have been through, but you have. Your Gifts of Healing and Sharing with patients is incredible. Those that just sit there in their predetermined state that they have reached the end of life. They are done, as if they hit a Brick Wall, but you knock that wall down for them. Your incredible Spirit and Light brings you to the forefront of the Body and Soul connection. That through great medical breakthroughs and a Soul that believes in the light of God and Prayer there is help for them. Your inspirational speeches have brought many to their feet. I see you as a messenger among us, brought back and healed by the grace of God as a healer to those who sit in the dark. Countless times I have heard of your incredible story and was amazed at your inner light of love you put out to those around you.
    You bringing your insight as that patient who was on that same stretcher and letting them know that this is not the end, and with Your guidance and the Medical staff, Medicine and the Body and Soul connection things can get better.
    I want to tell you meeting you was truly an inspiration to myself. When I hear the term, "Angels Walk Among Us', You pop right into my head. You have an incredible Glow and Aura that tells me who and what You are hear for.
    God Bless You Noelle

    Anthony Vanaria Facebook

  2. Anthony,
    All we have is today and I am working towards becoming okay with what my mission is. It is my desire to spread hope and joy to every patient that I am fortunate enough to come into contact with. I am thankful for your comment and I am hopeful that others witness a beacon of light. I indeed have seen beyond the vail, and I am not scared anymore and I do not believe that the end of this life is the end. Hope and faith can help to carry us through and keep us motivated. Thank you very much for your comment.