Friday, August 7, 2015

Strive for continuous improvement, not perfection

“Strive for continuous improvement rather than perfection,”~Kim Collins

Kim Collins I feel has an excellent mantra for someone who is recovering from a brain injury. I continually strive for a more efficient and smoother gait, yet I know that I may not walk “perfectly”. Maybe my gait can get to be perfect for me. I know that my weight training and swimming are helping my muscles to work more efficiently. Following a brain injury it can be a bit hopeless to strive for “perfection”. It really should not matter who judges your gate. Following a brain injury there is a vast range of recovery that is possible. Kim Collins quote has to be reflected upon by survivors so as to ensure that they don’t get discouraged. I “shoot” for perfection in the idea but in reality I am always striving for continuous improvement.

The recovery from a brain injury is not one where perfection is applicable. Actually I repeal that comment. Interpersonally I feel that I have gotten far closer to perfect than I ever had prior to my injury. I see the good in many different types of people. I have been able to learn, respect and admire the many different things that each person brings to the table. I attained that not by striving for perfection but rather by continuously striving to improve on all of my relationships.

There is no such thing as a perfect interpersonal relationship. People are dynamic and so are their relationships. Individually a person has to respect how it is best to approach a certain situation. There is always room for improvement and it is always important to keep track of interpersonal relationships and to take note of which methods were successful. Kim Collins would instruct a person to never stop trying to improve. Life is about improvement. An individual needs to fight to maintain a sound state of mind so as to keep progressing. According to Kim Collins there should never be a point in time where a person abandons his/her pursuit of improvement.

I would love to hear who else shares my view or who else can reflect upon it. Thank you very much for reading,


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