Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stay focused, and keep moving forward

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what you will do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.”  Dennis Waitley

    Dennis Waitley reminds people to not lose their sense of motivation. People need to always be adaptable to change to keep moving forward and attempting to discover and find things along the way. People need to be sure to make an effort to find new ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. Changing the focus away from things that have gone wrong allows people to be open to different possibilities which can help them to move forward. Far too often people find themselves being stuck upon what has gone wrong in their lives. Whaitley encourages people to focus their energies towards a new innovation. There are many things that get disrupted by a brain injury and therefor there are many things that must be regained. A person who has sustained a life altering injury cannot allow themselves to become inundated by the things that have not gone as originally planned. There is much beauty in the different ways that things are accomplished. Where there is a will there is a way.

    Many of the survivors that I am in contact with have had to change their methods to attempt many different things. I always attempt to remind them that it is not how things are accomplished but rather what is accomplished. People need to not be derailed by minor changes in their plans. After a brain injury the path towards the goals that a person may have had are certainly changed but it is up to the individual to not lose sight of where they want to be. I would love to hear examples from any of you who have had to make a change in his/her path. Change is not easy and it is far too simple to abandon a goal entirely when the first attempt does not go as planned. A goal is not something to be abandoned. Hopefully individuals are in contact with those that can help them to shape reasonable and attainable goals for them. I think that it is encouraging for people to know that others have encountered many things that are similar to themselves.  I thank you very much for reading and would like to read any comments that you may have.


  1. The one certainty in life is change. Nobody makes plans and lives on a straight line. The line always zig zags. We have to flow with the waves along the path of least resistance. Focusing on yesterday creates depression and too much focus on tomorrow creates anxiety. The key is to love and be in the present. After all, the present is all we have.

  2. Harvey,
    We need to make every effort to stay present in this moment. Indeed it is very easy to let our anxieties get away from us. We need to be adaptable to the unplanned zigs and zags that will come our way. There is a fine balance between finding the correct moment to focus on. A former philosopher professor of mine from college always would tell us that the only moment that is guaranteed as ours is right now. Depression and anxiety are two things that we have to keep away from; everyone needs to notify a doctor if they feel like things are getting out of control.I thank you very much for your comment.