Monday, August 31, 2015

If you are going through hell; keep going

Winston Churchill ,“If you are going through hell; keep going.”

Winston Churchill’s quote can serve as a final push of motivation to keep a person motivated to continue on the onward path towards recovery from whatever may be ailing them. Churchill’s quote has even been used as the basis for many song lyrics. An individual needs to not abandon the path that they have set forth.  A person needs to keep prospective as to what works for them. Personally I have found myself reflecting many a time upon Churchill’s quote. People should never feel the desire to give up. Perhaps pushing on just past what you believe is possible is what you need to accomplish the goal at hand. Sometimes people are unaware of just how close they are to attaining a great achievement. Achievements are different for every person. Perhaps going forth peacefully and proactively should be a goal for everyone. Following a brain injury one has to live much more deliberately in some cases. Certainly there will be setbacks; I would love to hear who has reflected upon Churchill’s saying as they have proceeded on throughout their lives.

A certain song lyric that uses Churchill’s quote instructs its listeners to not slow down or abandon their goal. I compare this to a brain injury recovery because there is no set recovery path. No two individuals will proceed on to the exact same path towards a recovery. I can promise that the entirety of a brain injury recovery path will not come without ups and downs. A recovery is scattered with numerous peaks and valleys. A person has to not give up. Much like the path of life there will be many times that are more difficult than others. A person needs to surround themselves with as many positive influences and people as possible. Developing a network with others who are attempting to attain a similar goal as you is always helpful. It is important to always keep track of the achievements that you have been able to accomplish along the way. Sometimes everyone gets too consumed with their daily lives to truly realize how many things they have been able to achieve. It is important to take a moment and reflect everyday and be thankful to have the motivation to keep trying. Every day is another opportunity to bring you closer to your goals. Thank you for reading!


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