Friday, July 10, 2015

Affect those in need and feel one of life’s greatest gifts.

Life’s truest gifts are not tangible. Often times when I visit patients in the hospital I am left feeling so positive about the way I am received. There is a great need to be valued and desired. The aftermath of a brain injury leaves many unsure of where they will fit into life. Survivors of all sorts can be an inspiration to others. There are no gifts that can replace the feeling that is felt when you truly bring about a sense of relief and understanding to someone. Survivors can truly use his/her life to “pay it forward”.

I truly feel of so much value after I visit a patient in need. Many times the family is so incredibly joyous to experience a glimmer of hope. There is no prize that I could receive that could ever take the place of heartfelt joy. Often time’s people neglect to step away and reflect how their presence affects people who are in need. There all different forms of need. A person who is in the hospital is certainly in need as is a person who is feeling lost.  A person may engage in psychotherapy to help him/herself work through the issues that they may encounter in life. Recently I encountered a loving child of a patient who was so relieved that I was assisting her elderly mother in a cognitive game as part of speech rehab. As a person progresses on in life there will be times when an adult child becomes the caregiver for the parent. I have found that these children are so relieved when their parent has accompaniment and is not alone. I encourage all survivors of brain injury to volunteer at a nursing home where they can feel appreciated and valued. A person needs to be able to step away from a situation and realize that there will be five people who have no use for your service to every individual that does. Somebody who is appreciative to you and the work that you do can greatly increase the level of value that is felt. Survivors of brain injury are unique in that they can truly understand the hardships that the elderly experience in regards to memory and concentration. I thank you all for reading and would love to read any responses that you may have.


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