Friday, July 31, 2015

10 years ago...

“We develop courage by surviving difficult times and by challenging adversity,” ~ Barbara de Angelis

According to Barbara de Angelis a survivor of a brain injury has been forced to develop much courage by default. This weekend marks my ten year anniversary of my accident. I am thrilled that I have been able to accomplish many things but I realize that every day is a bit of a challenge. Every year when my anniversary date comes around I really think about all that has happened. I am sure to remember all of the lives that I have touched. There will not be an August 2nd that comes around where I am not in deep thought and reflection. My family and parents I am sure are so thankful that I have made a life for myself and am able to look nostalgically at the date that changed my whole life.

That one day, essentially one moment changed everything for me. I take great care to ensure that I am a positive influence on everyone that I touch base with. Angelis would state that I am better able to challenge difficulties and adversity because I have survived many difficult times in regards to this injury. This injury while not my entire identity has certainly helped to shape who I am. It is what makes me unique in a crowd amongst other college graduates. Small things don’t bother me nearly as much as they did prior. Every August 2nd I reflect on how things have developed in my life post-accident. I am very proud of the network that I have developed with fellow survivors. I attempt to create a safe haven where people feel comfortable to share their thoughts and reflections amongst others. Barbara de Angelis would encourage survivors to be open in regards to their struggles and hardships. She would maintain that every survivor has the capacity to develop deep rooted courage. Every day a survivor has the ability to challenge his/her self.  I would love to hear from others who else have a similar feeling in regards to life and specifically who feel a certain way at their anniversary. I thank you very much for reading and look forward to reading any responses that you may have.


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