Friday, June 12, 2015

The “I” in illness is isolation, the crucial letters in wellness are we.” Mimi Guarneri

Mimi Guarneri stresses the importance of comradery. She feels that isolation is not the natural way that people are supposed to be. I absolutely believe that people are supposed to be in the company of others. Recovering from any sort of hardship can be made so much more tolerable by finding people to band together with. There is always an essence of comfort when an individual finds his her place amongst others. While people can be cruel at times they can also be incredibly encouraging. I honestly can say that I have benefitted from comradery far more than I have ever realized any poor effects.

My position is unique in that I am encouraged to accompany and to aid people so that they never feel totally alone. I know the incredible comfort and comradery that can come from being made part of a community where all of the members are trying to achieve the best recovery possible. People can achieve wellness far easier when they surround themselves with like-minded individuals.

 I am fortunate in that I get to witness the states of mind greatly increase as I follow a patient through various states of their recovery.  I would love to hear who has had any thoughts on what has helped them through during a difficult time. Recently an innovative recreation therapist was brought on at one of the hospitals that I attend. She has scheduled pet therapy visits as well as musicians to come and provide entertainment and joy to the patients. There is something to be said for patients gathering in the recreation room of a facility and smiling with friends as they enjoy the entertainment. I thank you very much for reading and look forward to reading any comments you may have.


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