Friday, June 26, 2015

Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

"Serenity, courage and wisdom are three integral traits that are necessary for a brain injury survivor to progress onward following a traumatic brain injury." 
It is okay to realize that the recovery from a traumatic brain injury is indeed daunting.
  An individual needs to possess the self-wisdom that accompanies a whole and well-rounded individual. These traits are not acquired easily and without struggles. I believe that after a brain injury a person needs to summon his/her own perseverance and the desire to keep pushing. Reflection and meditation can allow a person to push forward. Through my position I have contact with many survivors. I try to encourage each and every one of them to the best of my ability.
Serenity involves a person being calm and tranquil in their current state. A person has to let go of anger and realize that they are okay. A person who has sustained a brain injury has to know that he/she will go through good times and bad as they progress forward with the recovery. There is a wide range of recoveries that are possible for a survivor. Every person is different and therefor every recovery is different. Courage is the ability to carry on even if there is an element of fear. I try to be sure to express to every survivor who I come into contact with that they indeed are incredibly brave. A person has to carry on in the face of fear. A person who has practiced these two traits will gain wisdom along the way. Knowledge and experience are two key factors that help to develop wisdom. Every survivor is different and I would love to hear from those who feel that they had to acquire these traits along the road during their recovery. All input is welcome and I thank you very much in advance.


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