Monday, June 15, 2015

Remember. Dream. Live.

"Always remember the past, dream the future and always live in the present," ~ Anonymous

In my position I have had much contact with individuals who are in the midst of his or her recovery. There is a common theme which I have come to notice that there is always a desire to live what was. I absolutely went through that phase where I was a bit juvenile in feeling that only my looks mattered. For quite some time I longed to return to the weight and size that I had been. Once I allowed myself to realize what was important I began to feel much more whole. I had to stop wishing that I was what I was prior to my accident.

Every survivor that I come in contact with, I try and express that it is pointless to try and live in the past. What has happened has happened and the only moment that everyone can control is the present moment. It is hard not to live in the past because often one bad moment is what caused the injury that has forever changed a person’s life. It is extremely tempting to relive what immediately led up to the exact moment of injury. All of the professionals that I have spoken with regarding my injury have all stressed the importance of not rehashing the past. While a person is continually living in the past they are unable to move forward with their life. Rehabilitation from a brain injury is one of the hardest things that anyone could go through. My hope is that I can help to facilitate a conversation in regards to it. Communication can help as people attempt to gain valuable and real life information in regards to methods that have helped others move forward in his/her recovery. I welcome any comments that you may have and I thank you for reading.


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