Monday, June 22, 2015

Help Those That Help Themselves

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" ~ Tony Robbins

Daily we are faced with decisions as to how hard we will try and in which direction we will focus our energies. Tony Robbins has incredible skill of putting into words the ideals that each and every one of us live by every day. He has even stated that he's inspired by speaking and encouraging those who want to be aided.

I think that much can be learned from Tony, and I think the major factor that he is able to connect with people that want help and want to improve their lives.

Following a traumatic life event we have to consciously decide what it is important to us and in which way we want to pursue our lives.

Following a brain injury, it is difficult to decipher the correct steps and chronology to achieve certain goals. I think that for this reason, I find mentors and role models to be incredibly important, especially for someone who has sustained a traumatic brain injury.  

A mentor helped me to reign in and focus my desires into legitimate steps that were far easier to accomplish than a large and lofty end result. 

It was difficult for me to admit, but I certainly benefited from the assistance of elders. Once again I had to swallow my pride to accept that I indeed needed help.

I am no longer afraid to ask for help, and I have realized that people are often more than willing to offer advice and encouragement.

I would love to hear any examples that you may have where you have benefited greatly from the advice of others during a trying life experience.

I thank you very much for reading and greatly look forward to any comments that you may have.


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