Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Health is Wealth

"Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.” ~Cicero

Cicero reminds us that while there are many diseases and germs, a damaged soul is guaranteed defeat. Humans are capable of defeating many illnesses that enter our body. On the contrary, once a soul is defeated it is far more difficult to return to health. After any sort of an injury, especially a brain injury It is very important to be aware of a person’s emotional status. I found psychotherapy incredibly valuable. Likely everyone knows of someone who has given up emotionally and allowed themselves to deteriorate. There is no medicine to cure a person who has a damaged soul.

I often wonder who else has found this to be incredibly valuable. I feel that by sharing what has helped you get through this injury we are able to assist one another. I feel destined to do my part in strengthening the web of survivors. The community of brain injury survivors is extremely tightly woven. You never know whose day you are able to impact at just the right moment. A smile and a few kind heartfelt words are able to go extremely far. One never knows whose soul may be in need of some loving support. There were many times that I was able to be lifted from the depths of despair by someone who was intuitive to my emotional needs.

Aside from my brain injury the entirety of my body is in quite good shape. Physical well-being is only a portion of wellness. I have gone through periods of darkness where my soul was indeed not well. Thankfully I was able to get myself the correct aid to allow myself to heal my body, spirit and soul. I would love to hear who else has thoughts on this and I thank you for reading.



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