Saturday, May 30, 2015

Failure and Courage

"You have to fail in order to practice being brave." ~ Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore encourages people to continue trying. One should never discontinue trying something out of fear of failure. In life there will always be failure. There will always be success as well. Internally one should always balance out his/her successes against the failures that were found along the way. The recovery from a brain injury is always riddled with failures along the way. The trick is to not give up the pursuit of gaining things back. True success never comes without its fair share of failures.

The recovery from a brain injury is by far the strangest phenomena that I have ever experienced. You are forever bonded with citizens who have gone through a similar experience. Every survivor goes through an unbelievable spectrum of ups and downs. I have a shared the importance of joining a community where you can feel safe to express your thoughts and emotions as you proceed on in your recovery. I can promise that the recovery from a brain injury will certainly have many opportunities for a person to display bravery and courage.

There is always the temptation to throw your hands up and give up; it is incredibly important not to do so. Through support groups survivors can observe others who are in varying different levels of his or her recovery. In speaking and discussing with others who have proceeded further in his or her recovery, an individual can realize that they are not alone. I always gained an incredible amount of encouragement by speaking with others who traveling along similar paths to myself. I welcome any comments that you may have. Thank you very much for reading.


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