Monday, May 11, 2015

Sense of Family Knows No Limitations

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.”
Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush reminds us that no matter what we are encountering in life, we can have a sense of family. Even though you may not be related by blood to everyone who surrounds you; there is a sense of family when you are surrounded by like-minded people who are pushing for the same cause.

The recovery from a traumatic brain injury can take on many different forms. I have found a tremendous amount of comfort in communing and listening to numerous different people share what is going on in his/her life. Depending on where the group discussion goes you are always open to asking one another any question that you may have. I enjoy attending support groups where there are many different periods of time from the occurrence of the injury.

My hereditary family has been nothing short of fantastic, yet there is a different level of comfort that comes from sharing and comparing with people who have very likely experienced exactly what you are encountering. I feel as though I have gained a whole second family in those people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. This family comes from many different cultures and races. A traumatic brain injury certainly does not discriminate.

I am attending a wedding of my cousin this upcoming week, and I am sure that the people who are attending the wedding reception may look at me with raised eyebrows as I attempt to walk in my dress and high heels.

I believe that I have gotten to the point where I am okay with my gate and the fact that I may appear under the influence to many. As long as I know who I am, I am okay in knowing that many people may be unsure why my balance is compromised.

Nobody needs to know my entire story; they can assume what they wish.

I would love to hear who feels the same way as I do or who has had a similar experience where people may have made assumptions or judged them.

Thank you very much for reading.


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