Friday, May 29, 2015

~Don’t live in the past, don’t ponder about the future, stay at the Present moment Now, Always.” Mark Twain

Mark Twain reminds us to never lose sight of what is truly important. The past and the future are only theories and tools that we can use as we try and make the best of right now. A philosophy professor that I had in college always challenged the students in his class to try and catch themselves in either tomorrow or yesterday; of course none of the students were able to do so and thus his point was proven. It is a bit of a tough balance to keep yourself uplifted in regards to the future without becoming consumed by it. I think that having a mentor is a fantastic way of trying to keep a clear sight of where you would envision yourself. A mentor can help to be a guide as to how to focus your energies. After a brain injury it is easy to lose sight of the most direct path that one should be on to accomplish your goals. Interning is a fantastic way to meet a mentor. A mentor is a fantastic way for anyone to gain valuable advice as they are developing their career. As I have shared before, people who have experienced brain injuries need to be more deliberate in the pursuit of goals. Guidance should always be welcomed.  A brain injury is a good way to have to swallow your pride and accept assistance. I am used to it now but it certainly was not easy at first. Credit has to be given to those who are elder who have already progressed further in their recovery than I had. I am hopeful that survivors of all different levels of his or her recovery can help to advise on another via support groups or a blog or any place where people congregate to discuss the issues and the progression forward in the brain injury recovery. I thank you very much for reading and I welcome any comments that you may have.


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