Friday, May 1, 2015

Angels Among Us

There are always angels among us. Often times there are people who do beautiful things to aid people without recognition.

I would like to take a moment to recognize three people that have been instrumental in my recovery.

My mother and father have totally put me before themselves, and Carol Stillwell, a contact of mine who I have known for many years, put forward a large effort on my behalf. Carol worked tirelessly to contact many of her professional contacts to try and find me a position that would fit my skill set. I am forever grateful for the effort that she put forth on my behalf.

My family and I have sent many prayers of thanksgiving for the wonderful career that I am working in. None of this would be possible without my dear friend Carol. I would love to hear who has had a guardian angel who worked on his/her behalf. The people who are at the management levels of the company that I work with took her recommendation and in turn gave me an opportunity.

I feel wonderful that this position was begun as a trial and thankfully it has proved to work out quite well. My parents and I are both are forever grateful for the generosity and effort that Carol made on my behalf. I have tried to follow suit by making connections amongst my friends and hoping that a mutually beneficial relationship can ensue.

I feel as though I have grown an enormous amount following my injury. Sort of wish that I didn’t have to undergo the suffering that I did; regardless I am beyond appreciative for the way that things have worked out. I deeply hope that people understand how truly thankful that I am.

With a brain injury it is easy to not remember to say certain things. It is difficult that people may feel as though you purposefully lacked to give thanks, while in reality it may have been the lack of memory. I thank you all very much for reading and would love to hear what experiences you may have had with your memory post injury.


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