Friday, April 3, 2015


“Keep your face to the sunshine; you cannot see a shadow.” Helen Keller reminds us to do all in our power to try and live an upbeat life. Anyone who is familiar with the story of Helen Keller knows that she had every reason to feel sorry for herself and to be bitter. Helen Keller is certainly a role model for how I attempt to live my life. It is important to remember that somebody always has it worse off. We are all human; we all have our days where we feel a little sorry for ourselves or question why something happened to us. All we can do is make an effort and try. Whenever I begin to feel sorry for myself regarding my brain injury, I try and remind myself of inspirational people such as Bethany Hamilton or Helen Keller. Bethany Hamilton sustained her injury very early in life. Bethany was only 13 when she sustained the shark attack which left her both with a permanent disability and also left her a hero and a maverick to many. I am sure that Bethany has had her moments of frustration with her disability (as we all have). Those moments do not have to override the joy that individuals can feel to have another chance at life at all. There are always those who have things better and worse than any of us. In the wake of a brain injury, it is easy to find yourself consumed with your own thoughts and situation. It is pivotal that an individual try to get outside of his/her own psyche and situation. It is for this reason that I greatly encourage people to volunteer. I would love to hear from who has had the opportunity to volunteer and the impact that it has had on his/her life. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and a shout of joy as the warm weather is coming! Thank you for reading.


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