Monday, April 13, 2015

Commitment Leads to Action

A brain injury is truly an all encompassing injury. Vast improvements can certainly be made, but they require a deep rooted sense of commitment in order to achieve. A quote by Marcia Wieder simply states, “Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer.”

The ups and downs that coincide with a brain injury make it very necessary for an individual to have 100% commitment to his/her cause. The people whom I have met that are progressing far in their recovery have an unrelenting sense of commitment.

There is an overwhelming sense of honor that can be felt when a survivor witnesses a fellow survivor who is earlier in the recovery process. It is for this reason that I choose to continue in my support groups and continue attending workshops that provide a wealth of knowledge to those hoping to learn more regarding his/her injury. I have a definite commitment to learning as much regarding my injury as possible.

I would encourage all survivors to attend a support group. It took me nearly ten years before I was finally ready to stop denying my injury. No matter how hard I tried to always live a life “away” from my injury and disability, I finally feel as though I have come full circle by engaging myself in our traumatic brain injury population. I would love to hear who else has seen a change in his/her willingness to engage within their disability population after some time.

Only those who have traveled along your same path can truly relate and empathize when you have gone through a traumatic brain injury. Support groups are offered for nearly every affliction or hardship in life; I never found myself attending any support groups until I was afflicted by a traumatic brain injury.

I thank you very much for reading and as always I look forward to any responses you may have.


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