Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Only You....

Each person can only control his/her mind. If you think about it that is all that we need to control because our whole world is as seen through our eyes. Our perception of the world and how we envision ourselves can determine whether or not we become proactive or stagnant in our recoveries. I am in contact with many survivors and the trait that unites all individuals who are living a productive life is that of positivity. I know that it is not easy; it’s very trying at times but as survivors we have to try and keep the faith and maintain that every day we can attempt a little something that will be better than the day prior. I would love to hear who has taken on the positive role in your life?

My family has undoubtedly been my largest and most encouraging support base. I know several survivors whose adult children have stepped up and have taken on the role as premier encouragers to his/her disabled parents. I always try and focus on the positive, sadly enough for every family that draws closer post neurological insult there are two that crumble. The dynamics of a household completely change following a brain injury. Adults who have served as the caregivers in this house very often will now themselves need care and to be supervised as a young child would. I would love to hear who has had experience with this. I thank you very much for reading!


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