Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keep Moving

Today I am pushing forward with my day, despite the ongoing nagging pain that I am experiencing. I am very happy to report that I came to work right on time despite still enduring a moderate amount on pain. Moderate pain I can endure and I am thrilled that my vision was back to singular so I could safely drive. I would be interested in hearing who else experiences double vision when they experience migraines or any sort of extreme pain. Following my brain injury I have developed a strong resistance to pain in my extremities. I would be interested in hearing who else has heard of a person who has endured a brain injury having either over or under sensation to pain. I know for myself, I have a loss of sensation in my toes. Similarly I will get bloody blisters on my feet without even realizing it. I think that like everything else you have to know yourself. I now realize that the second that I feel a slight glitch from the way a shoe is fitting, I need to remove them and never wait for them to “break in”. A headache is a very different kind of pain. A headache is a sort of all encompassing pain. Headaches can be felt in different areas of your head or even sinuses and face. There has been a great deal of moisture and rain where I live. I am so pleased that I was able to come to work this morning. The weekend is upon us and I will continue to listen to my body and rest up. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and as always I thank you for reading.


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