Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Gonna Be the Best.....

There are good days and bad days for all of us. Yesterday I had a rare migraine (which I barely get since the implementation of the Botox injections). I was not able to go to work. It also coincided with a substantial snowfall in our area. I remained in my house with sunglasses on the entire day. This morning I awoke with a spring in my step as I was not in pain. It’s amazing how sometimes perfectly applicable songs come on the radio.  While I was on the way to work the song, “Gonna Be the Best Day of My Life” came on. This may not be the “Best day of my life”, but I am not in pain and that alone makes it a far better day than yesterday. Perception and attitude can make a huge difference as to how people treat you. This morning I am wondering who else interprets songs differently after an altering life event. This may not be the absolute best day of my life but I am so overjoyed that I was able to come into work today! I am in contact with many survivors and I know that there is a great deal of us who have various nerve pains. Unanimously every individual who I have spoken with regarding pains have shared that the cold and damp weather makes things worse.

Today is certainly not warm, but there is no precipitation. This is a much better day than yesterday. All we can do is hope that each day is a in some way a slight improvement on the last. Today is still bitterly cold but on the bright side, the weather forecasters said that likely the storm that we had yesterday will be the last! I am already thinking about warm weather and swimming pools. The winter is not a favorite season of mine at all; it passes as with everything. Faith that things will improve again is what keeps us going. I encourage everyone who I am in contact with to always remember that things will always get better. There will be times that they get worse, only to be followed by things getting better again. I try and always focus on the positive because nobody wants to be around negativity. I am hopeful that my head will remain as peaceful as it is currently. Bright lights and computer screens are triggers so I will always have to be aware. I thank you very much for reading and I hope that you keep your eyes on the stars and your feet grounded!

Best Always,

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