Friday, March 20, 2015

Failure & Progression

There are many issues that someone who is recovering from a brain injury will come across where the road is not paved. A person has to develop his/her own confidence in which to proceed. Family support is instrumental in helping to guide and encourage him/her. I am convinced that I may not have progressed as far as I have without my supportive family (who has always been by my side). The path/road to recovery is different for everyone. I can promise that there will be numerous bumps and unexpected changes in direction along the way. “Do not be embarrassed by your failures; learn from them and begin again.” An individual will never succeed in everything that they attempt. This recovery is like life; it is a long path where there will be numerous attempts that are attempted that will not work out as planned. It is very important that a survivor not feel defeated by an attempt that does not go as planned. I am convinced that certain attempts are meant simply to be learning experiences. This injury caused me to mature many years beyond my chronological age. I have heard a countless number of times that I am wise beyond my years. I feel that I may have needed to in some light. Obviously I never would have chosen to endure my injury, yet I did need to grow up a bit. I was very silly and valued my physical appearance more than I valued much else. Little did I know that my fitness is what ultimately saved my life. While I began running because I wanted to lose weight and look a certain way, the strength of my respiratory system is what kept me alive when I contracted pneumonia and my one lung was punctured. I did not realize that my life would benefit from the cardiovascular strength that I had obtained from trying to get skinny. There are often incredible benefits that you may obtain unknowingly. I would love to here any comments that you may have in relation to my post. I thank you very much in advance.


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