Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Every Accomplishment Begins With A Decision To Try....

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try. Motivation is an incredible factor that is the corner stone to every achievement that an individual achieves. There also has to be a knowledgeable decision to abandon a goal if it is too farfetched to be attainable.  The road back to mainstream society after having been in the safe haven of the hospital for many years is what really causes uncertainty after many months (or in some cases years) for a survivor looking to battle back from an injury. People who lack motivation are often disabled in their own right. With all that the head injured community has been through, it is my hope that all can summon motivation within his/her self.

There are varying levels of achievement and they can be attained in many different ways. Every single achievement begins in the same manner; the decision to try. Certainly there will be many cases in which things do not turn out like planned. At least you know that if you put forth a valiant effort you tried. Sleep can be attained far easier if one knows that he/she has put forth all his/her might to attain the desired goal. I attempted to attain my insurance license several years ago; this goal should not have ever been a desire of mine- a few days into the course I concluded that I should abandon my goal of attaining the producer’s license. This abandonment of mine did not cause me to feel inadequate. In certain cases it actually shows proper insight to realize that efforts should be directed otherwise. I would love to hear some experiences of survivors from the individual or from family members. I am so happy to keep in contact with all of the readers. I wish you all a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day and I look forward to any and all responses that you may have.


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