Wednesday, March 18, 2015

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be lead by your dreams”

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be lead by your dreams”

It is so important to not allow any issues to divert you in the way that you live your life. Rehabilitation from a brain injury is extremely consuming of both your mind and body. It is important to never abandon your dreams. While a person is going through any all encompassing activity it is entirely too easy to have tunnel vision. 

Often you hear of people who are entirely consumed by his/her career. The recovery and rehabilitation from a brain injury is in my opinion the hardest job that any of us will ever have. There is certainly the journey to regain your physical modalities; there is an equally daunting task of regaining your state of mind. 

I encourage individuals to take advantage of relaxation therapies and to participate in talk therapy to help as much as needed. I know in my case a neurological psychologist was automatically put on my schedule of therapies since I was admitted to undergo cognitive rehabilitation. 

To this day I still see a therapist monthly. I would go more frequently if or when I begin to sense my life and emotions becoming. I know many people who feel as though talk therapy is a beneficial method and they take part in it regularly without ever having sustained a physical trauma to speak of. 

By taking part in talk therapy a person can discuss his/her problems and make sure that they do not take on too great of an integration in his/her life. Balance is key; having a professional to assist you as you talk through your issues and prioritize them can greatly assist as you proceed through life. Issues and problems should not be permitted to overpower dreams. 

I would love to hear what issues you have come across in your recovery, and if/when you utilized talk therapy to help you along your way. I thank you very much for reading!


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