Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make Smart Choices

Life is full of choices. Following a brain injury one has the ability and the responsibility to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. There is always the option to be sedentary; in order to maximize your body’s potential it is important to take full example of exercise and great nutrition. It is amazing to feel the benefits of increased energy. Have you ever realized how sluggish you feel following an overload of food? The holidays are notorious for over eating. Neurological fatigue is in place enough; there is no need to add to it. It is often difficult to explain neurological fatigue. My vision doubles up and my balance deteriorates. My family who sees me every day knows that signs that I have done too much and am exhausted based on my gate. Even though I am nearly ten years out; I will always see the effects of my brain injury. I attended a support group and a member of the group shared that the injury was a “life changer”. It often seems to be far more than an injury for anybody living in the “post traumatic brain injury world”. I would love to hear any comments that anyone may have regarding the length of this recovery. There are still improvements that can be made long after the MRI’S have finished changing. Every day is a chance to focus upon improving oneself. I have grown to really enjoy hearing how other survivors are living their lives and what helps them to remain motivated. I have adopted healthy eating habits as well as a steady exercise routine. Walking in the water is an excellent way for a survivor to take advantage of the buoyancy. Many gyms and therapy facilities encourage aquatic aerobics as well as water walking to allow an individual a safe way to work on his/her gait. I would be very interested in hearing who has taken advantage of aquatic therapy as a way to perfect his/her gait and fluency of movement. Life certainly has a different purpose now, as does health. I would love to hear any comments that you may have.

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