Monday, February 23, 2015

Let It Go.....

Idina Menzel is a very famous singer who sang the music that coincides with the children’s sensation “Frozen”. If you ask nearly any child about the animated picture they get very excited and will likely tell you somebody who they knew was a character from the movie for Halloween. Deeper meanings can be found to nearly all songs if you choose to truly listen to the meaning beyond the music. “Frozen” is an animated children’s movie; the song, “Let it Go” applies to nearly every hardship or difficulty that you may have come across. This movie is fantastic because perhaps it allows people to see that holding onto resentment is never advantageous. As long as I was angry regarding my injury I never was able to move forward. Thankfully I did not harbor deep rooted anger for any extended period of time; I will say that while I did I was unable to focus on the task at hand. Once I was able to “Let it go” the bitterness stopped clouding my judgment as I attempted to press forward with my rehabilitation. I would love to hear from whoever else has shared this experience along his/her rehabilitation journey. The movie has become an absolute blockbuster for most children. When I attended the “Frozen on Ice” show earlier in the year I witnessed the vast age difference amongst the people in attendance. There were young children as well as children in their teens. The music I feel teaches a fantastic lesson. Hopefully the children will carry Mendel’s words along with them as they go through the highs and lows of life. I would love to hear who else has gone through a period of resentment regarding his/her injury and then was able to work through it. What assisted you along the way? I have found that exercise as well as healthy life choices has done well to assist me in my proactive methods regarding rehabilitation. I thank you very much for reading my post and I encourage any posts that you may have.

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