Friday, February 13, 2015

Keep Moving

After an injury it is important to keep moving. There is a statement which states; “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” There is a huge temptation for a person who has sustained a brain injury to allow his/her self to be overtaken by depression. I can only speak for myself in particular, but I certainly realize the cloud that can sneak up on you following a traumatic brain injury. I think of the people who decide to continue to go to the gym regardless of their ability level. There is a double amputee who attends my gym regularly and religiously swims laps. I found myself being extremely inspired by his tenacity and passion for fitness. It is very important to always have a goal and maintain your healthy lifestyle choices.

 The flip side of this mentality is those people who “seem to have everything” that anyone could ever desire for themselves, yet they are miserable. It is very important to try not to compare with people, rather attempt to identify. It is amazing how I have gained such a broader view towards society following my tragic life event. I am almost hesitant to refer to my accident as a tragedy; I know that it certainly was but I was given a second chance to reevaluate how I approach issues that will come forward in my life. I find myself better able to identify with people after my injury. I know that I am older and undoubtedly wiser than a twenty year old kid. This point forward I continue to try and be well adjusted and to try and identify with every person who I meet. It is important to move forward in life with an open mind. I know that there are difficulties that will arise. Yet I feel as though a person who has persevered through his/her own life occurrence that could have been seen as a tragedy shows true character. I still wish that August 2nd had a different outcome than it did, but there is no point in crying over spilled milk. I would love to hear from who else has adopted a similar view on his/her own viewpoint towards a difficult life event. I thank you very much for reading and welcome any reflections or responses that you may have.


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