Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Stop Believing

It is very important to never stop believing. There is no cost and also the largest cost imaginable to your state of mind. I would much rather have too large an imagination and perhaps too lofty of goals than to lose hope. I think that being part of the TBI (traumatic brain injury) community has allowed me to flourish and develop into having the state of mind that I always dreamed and believed that I would have. There is an incredible network of survivors who have banded together (not by choice; rather by circumstance) who need to realize that they are not alone. A sense of community is a beautiful thing. Often the aspect of support is overlooked. Survivors can be inspired by each other.

Sometimes each of us can provide one another with the springboard that we each need to carry forth. We are all still people; regardless of what each one of us has been through we are continuing forth on this journey of life. I believe that knowing that there are others who are progressing forward with the same issues is incredibly comforting. With the development of the internet we can all find support groups for any vice that we have survived through. If you have not personally had an injury there are always places that are specifically designed for family members and support members. I would love to hear who else has utilized support groups for any aspect of life or specifically who has utilized a brain injury support group. I welcome your comments and as always I thank you very much for reading.


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